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become a DRONE Operator

Drone is a sci-fi multiplayer arena shooter with unseen creative freedom.

The gameplay in DRONE can be categorized into 5 main aspects: Creating and Sharing, Competing, Exploring and Progressing.

Creating and Sharing

You travel the galaxy in your own spaceship, which is your homebase. In your spaceship you can create your own drones and collect them there. You can share your drone designs with your friends or sell them on the market place.

You have a special remote controlled construction drone in your spaceship that is able to build arenas. You are able to share your arenas with the community. You will be rewarded not only for winning a tournament, but also for rating the quality of the arena and its ruleset. This will ensure that only the best arenas are featured on the “DRONE Networks” and you and other players can always compete against each other in your favourite arena type with the most interesting environments.


You can compete in multiplayer against other players in arenas. Competing can be done in teams or against each other. The rule set editor elevates the gameplay of DRONE to another level, adds complexity and demands tactical finesse from the players. Winning conditions go far beyond what we know from arena based games and allow for an unprecedented experience. As a basis for customization, there are templates for the usual gameplay modes: deathmatch, capture the flag, racing, powerball*, etc.

*Powerball – a physics driven gravity independent energy ball has to be collected and fired into one of the goals of the enemy team. The ball can be passed to your team members, bounced over surfaces and even used as a single shot weapon. The player that carries the ball can not use his weapons, so he has to be defended by his team members. This gameplay mode offers a huge deal of tactical possibilities and mixes all aspects into one challenge: racing, stealth, shooting and teamplay. This can of course be customized with the ruleset editor.


Since almost everything in DRONE is created by players, exploration is a big part of the game. You travel the galaxy in your own spaceship and look for community created arenas to compete in.

We simulate a large number of environmental factors that all affect the gameplay. Environments have different gravity, temperatures, humidity and weather effects (precipitation affected by temperature leads to rain, hail or snow fall). Temperatures can change in a short time (i.e. a solar eclipse shadows the arena). More info is available on the ENVIRONMENTS page.

More info to come.