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last updated on July 8, 2020

  • Is there a playable version of DRONE?

    Yes! If you have pledged over at www.funding.dronethegame.com or bought the game on Steam, you can play the Early Access! There is also a free demo available on the DRONE Steam page.

  • What are the minimum hardware specifications?

    You can see the current hardware specifications on the DRONE Steam page.

  • Won’t the player base be more divided if you have different galaxies, solar systems and planets to go to?

    If a player publishes an arena it will show up on the universe map, where you can sort/filter and search for different arena specifications. If you found an arena that you like, you can visit it and take a test flight. If you want to compete in this arena, you can suggest a tournament in the DRONE Networks, where the suggestion will show up. When enough players are interested to join, it will become highlighted on the upcoming tournament list. Arenas that already had one or more tournaments will be rated and show up higher on the DRONE Networks or even get featured as one of the favourite community arenas. Players can put arenas in their favourites, rate and comment on the design and even make suggestions to the arena architect. Based on some weighted algorithms and your filter settings, arenas show up closer to you so you can use your spaceship to explore the creations of other players. The system will work similarly to YouTube’s suggestion system. Players who give a chance to arenas with few or no ratings at all, will be rewarded with pioneer points. There are more details to this process, but, without writing an essay, this gives you a clue on how we intend to solve it. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know 😉

  • Will the drone components/blocks have a shared health pool?

    No, each component or block will have its own durability value (depending on its stat distribution) and can be damaged or destroyed separately.

  • What kind of pricing/monetization will DRONE use?

    We have not decided this yet. One thing’s for sure, we will stay far away from any pay2win models. Most likely, the game will be paid, but we want to leave this open for us so we can gather feedback and suggestions from the community. A thorough market analysis has to be done before we can decide. This also answers the question of “how much will it cost?” – we simply don’t know yet.

  • What does “community driven game” mean?

    For us, it means that we supply the players with tools to create environments, arenas, drones and even a rule-set editor. While we will create a bunch of examples, most of the content will be created and rated by the players. To achieve that in a satisfactory way, we intend to listen very carefully to any suggestions, ideas and feedback the community has to offer. We want to have a kind symbiosis with our players.

    Since we are a small team, we need to focus all our energy and effort on making good tools and on the creation of a great gameplay experience. We intend to make use of the creativity of our player base. If you are not a creative type, the game will still offer very interesting and competitive gameplay.

  • How do you intend to solve potential balancing problems?

    Balancing is a big challenge for developers since multiplayer games exist. While we certainly need to be careful about it, our concept is self-regulating to a great extent. Since offensive and defensive drone components have various costs and statistics, not all of them can be used or built in a drone at the same time. These components, in a nutshell, work a bit like the famous “rock, paper, scissors” game. Components are good against some types but bad against some other types. The players need to consider this and adapt to environmental and opponent drone build challenges. Switching your drone build during a match may be needed in some cases.

  • Which platforms is the game going to be on?

    We have not decided this yet. PC definitely comes first. If the crowdfunding is very successful we will consider porting DRONE to consoles, Mac and Linux.

  • Which input devices will the game support?

    We focus on keyboard and mouse during the creation process, but all controls are mappable to whatever device you want. HOTAS? Sure, why not? 😉